Rescue Incentive Grants


Rescue incentives goal is to advance the Best Friends’ mission to achieve no-kill in America’s shelters by 2025 with a targeted and focused approach to Arkansas shelters with the highest lifesaving gap. Each animal eligible for the incentives will be chosen by Best Friends staff based on needs at the time and circumstances of the animals.

Who Needs Help?

The list of eligible animals is curated to maximize impact and budgetary constraints. These animals are featured on a dedicated Trello Board along with the dollars available for each individual animal. You can find these appreciative cats and dogs here:

The Rescue Incentive animals will be classified as:

  • Dogs over 60 lbs.
  • Medical Dogs
  • Medical Cats
  • Working Cats
  • Seasonal: Moms & Litters
  • Seasonal: Kittens & Puppies under 8 weeks
  • Behavior Cats & Dogs

Commit to Help

To express interest in helping a Rescue Incentive cat or dog, simply complete this: Available Rescue Incentives Form

How are we Paid?

Checks will be mailed monthly based on the number of animals helped. No spreadsheet or tracking necessary.

Other Grants