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Shelter Animals Count

NWA PAW Coalition Information

What is a SAC coalition?

Shelter Animals Count is the only centralized animal shelter statistics reporting platform. SAC Coalitions are used by funders, state federations, and local coalitions to provide access to data from organizations with which they have a relationship. In this case, we utilize the SAC platform to gain access to data you submit to Shelter Animals Count, saving you time in reporting to multiple places. We ask that if you are a member of NWA PAW.

How do I sign up for the NWA PAW Coalition?

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be part of the NWA PAW Shelter Animals Count Coalition, in no time:

  1. If you are not yet signed up for Shelter Animals Count visit
  2. Once you register your organization, or if you are already registered, log in to your account, select Manage Coalitions, and search for Northwest Arkansas Partnership for Animal Welfare
  3. If you get stumped, Shelter Animals Count has some of the most helpful how-to videos.
  4. If you have any other questions, e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why does NWA PAW think this is important?

Data collection and sharing has quickly become an animal sheltering best practice.

Here are a few good reasons to collect and analyze your data using Shelter Animals Count:

  • Grant and community funders ask for this information, and many ask for you to be a SAC participant
  • Track lifesaving progress and success in your organization and community
  • Build trust and ask for help by engaging your community through transparent shelter practices
  • Help us in our efforts to ensure that every animal that enters into a shelter is counted
  • NWA PAS asks that you are tracking your data in Shelter Animals Count for grant distribution.

Does everyone at a shelter get a username?

Shelters can have multiple users for their shelters. Their ED or CEO has to complete registration and will be prompted to do so with an email from SAC. Once the shelter employee signs up for the first time.

What type of data will I have to share?

You will be asked to share monthly data of all intake and outcomes for cats and dogs, across your organization. For more information on the type of data and entering your data each month, watch this how-to-video on data reporting.

How much time will this take each month?

We recognize your time is valuable. We anticipate that our coalition partners will spend 10-20 minutes per month reporting their shelter statistics on Shelter Animals Count.

Additional Resources

SAC has some very helpful answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Software instructions created by Shelter Animals Count:

For Animal Shelter Manager users: Click here to sign into your account, then you can find the Shelter Animals Count report available under the Reports menu. For detailed instructions and screenshots, please visit the FAQ section of the manual.

For PetPoint users: From any PetPoint screen, select the Report menu and click Report Website. Click to expand the Asilomar/Shelter Animals Count section then click to select the Shelter Animals Count section then click to select the Shelter Animals Count: Data Export report. Select the dates you wish to run the report for and click Submit to download the CSV file. More information can be found by logging in to PetPoint and visiting Support>Pethealth Community. Use the search term “Shelter Animals Count reports” to read set up instructions.

For Petstablished users: Click here to sign into your account, then navigate to Reports section, click “Create New Report,” then select “Shelter Animals Count” from the Report Type drop down. For further instructions, Petstablished users can go to the Tutorials and FAQ section of their account and search for Shelter Animals Count.

For ShelterBuddy users: Click here for an easy to follow guide on how to run the data matrix report, including a detailed version of the report which details the animals that are included in the report for each section.

For Shelterlov users: Click here to sign into your account, then navigate to Reports section, then “External Reports” and then select “Shelter Animals Count.”

For Sparkie users: Sign into your account, go to the Animals section, click the ‘Reports’ button and choose the Shelter Animals Count report. It will automatically download almost instantly.

For Chameleon users: If you are using Chameleon and an HLP, Inc client, click here to sign in to your account and get access to Shelter Animals Count report templates and technical assistance for manual data entry.