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Shelter Pet Data Alliance (SPDA)

Why does NWA PAW think data collection is important?

Data collection and sharing has quickly become an animal sheltering best practice.

Here are a few good reasons to collect and analyze your data using Shelter Animals Count:

  • Grant and community funders ask for this information, and many ask for you to be a SAC participant
  • Track lifesaving progress and success in your organization and community
  • Build trust and ask for help by engaging your community through transparent shelter practices
  • Help us in our efforts to ensure that every animal that enters into a shelter is counted
  • NWA PAS asks that you are tracking your data in Shelter Animals Count for grant distribution.

What type of data will I have to share?

You will be asked to share monthly data of all intake and outcomes for cats and dogs, across your organization. 

How much time will this take each month?

We recognize your time is valuable. We anticipate that our coalition partners will spend 10-20 minutes per month reporting their shelter statistics on Shelter Pet Data Alliance.

For more information about Shelter Pet Data Alliance:

A computer with a mockup showing the shelter pet data alliance platform
Join Shelter Pet Data Alliance to interact with data in a whole new way

Save time with automatic data reporting!* Easily navigate through your intakes and outcomes, compare your data side-by-side with 7,400+ shelters and rescues, see local and national trends, leverage analyzed data in your daily decision-making, and so much more!

Organizations that join as Network Partners will benefit from these exclusive SPDA features!

  • Hands-on support from the Best Friends team** to create plans for breaking down your biggest lifesaving barriers   
  • Access to an experienced data scientist** to help analyze your data and reports  
  • Help with creating messaging plans** that will rally stakeholders, your community, and government officials to support your shelter

To learn more about the platform and to sign up, click here. If you are not currently a network partner, apply for free today.

* for organizations using participating shelter management software. Other organizations can upload data directly to the platform.

**Exclusive features available to Best Friends Network Partners only. 

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